Jewellery is not always a sparkling investment. But vintage and antique items can provide a welcome return, as well as enduring pleasure, says Alexander Garrett.

Austerity may be the watchword of the moment, but demand for luxury goods continues unabated, nowhere more so than in the jewellery sector.

For some, splashing the cash on upmarket trinkets creates a welcome feeling that things aren’t so bad. For others, it may be tempting to think jewellery is an alternative safe haven to gold – and one that is considerably more enjoyable to own.

However, anyone considering jewellery as an investment needs to choose carefully and digest quite a few health warnings. It’s not just what you buy but where you buy it that will determine whether the stones and precious metals you acquire will hold their value and possibly earn a profit or simply turn out to be an expensive indulgence.

A traditional investment

The notion that jewellery retains its value is ingrained in traditions and cultures around the world: tribal people sometimes use beads as currency, while jewellery may be offered as a wedding dowry. The implication is that jewellery endures and retains its value over the long term.

Jewellery is also extremely portable, and gold rings, necklaces and diamonds have often been smuggled by refugees forced to flee a country and wanting to take their wealth with them.

Nevertheless, the first thing to learn about jewellery is that if you buy new from a high street retailer, you will be losing out from the word go.

Pieces with designer labels attached, sometimes marketed as part of a ‘limited edition’, are even more susceptible to this erosion of value; you’re paying for the marketing as well as the other costs. While brand-new jewellery fulfils a certain role in the market, wealth preservation certainly isn’t part of it.for more details please see post that being published here.

This general rule doesn’t always apply to individual pieces designed by up-and-coming artists, more of which later. For the most part, though, to have any chance of acquiring jewellery that proves to be a good investment, you need to buy second-hand, which normally means vintage or antique pieces.

Vintage jewellery

If you buy well and from a source that has low costs, jewellery can prove profitable to own, but it should not be bought solely as an investment.

Ghika singles out Art Deco jewellery from 1920 to 1935, typically incorporating platinum and diamonds, as worth considering. “Pieces from that period have strong linear designs that still look modern today,” she explains. “Anything signed by Cartier, Van Cleef or Arpels is particularly sought after because their pieces were of exceptional quality.”

Other well-known makers include Boucheron from France and Tiffany from the US. Rings and earrings are the most popular items, because they are so easy to wear, while brooches are less so.

The value of jewellery can be influenced by underlying movements in gold and gemstone markets, says Ghika, but quality jewellery is usually worth considerably more than the sum of its component materials.

However, if you have a significant stone – for example, a diamond more than five carats in size – the value of the stone rises dramatically and becomes the key determinant of value.


Good stones from older jewellery have often been removed and reset in a new piece to maximise their value, which is why it is hard to find very old diamond rings.go to for mor updates.

Another, more affordable, investment worth considering is artist-made jewellery from the 1960s. UK designers Andrew Grima, John Donald and Stuart Devlin are some names to look out for.

Where to Pawn Gold & Silver in San Diego, CA

It is strongly advised that you research as much information about Gold before you sell your items. It is essential that you gain a good understanding of how the Gold market works, otherwise, you may face potential problems. For example, there are devious people who may take advantage of your lack of knowledge. However, a good way to avoid these kind of pitfalls, is to seek out an expert in the field. Pawnbrokers fall into this category, and a wise choice within San Diego, would be the ‘LaJolla’

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Understanding Replication jewelry Tiffany


Many brands or style can rage fascinated by the time the designer of the Community interest. Pandora, This duplication of the appearance of a certain brand jewelry at a lower cost. The key is to offer quality jewelry pieces on display so that those who cannot afford the original documents and the use of the identical replica of the original purchase.

The brand of Tiffany jewelry has increased in popularity. The pieces are known for their unique designs, excellent quality and superior workmanship. The cost of expensive designer pieces from the brand difficult for the common man. The high cost of the original jewelry item more like a dream for most people. However, it is certainly realistic for these people to make beautiful jewelry collection to detect by purchasing only a replica of these designs are very affordable. Tiffany jewelry,this gives the appearance of the original without shelling out a high price for the product.

Designer jewelries made of furious most popular brands in the industry. These have become very popular and is considered prized possessions because of the beautiful art work on the same.

Consequently, in many of the designers in the market trying to imitate the basic design and craftsmanship to produce similar-looking piece and sell them at a much lower cost. These are so popular that the increasing demand for these products every day.
These jewelries are produced by professionals in an effort to create a replica of the different materials in the design process.There are so many other information when you go to the latest post and updates.

Tiffany jewelry really, the result is almost identical to the original design as a result of the tremendous craftsmanship of the lesser known artists. For years, this beautiful jewelry inspired by the manufacturers of the products replica jewelry designs to be similar in structure and form. The result is the false widespread popularity among the masses basis for the smaller manufacturers of large profits. The craftsmen are able to imitate the styles and designs of the luxury brand with a variety of diamonds and metal materials.


So, with this kind of jewelry pieces in the line, it can get as the Tiffany jewelry designs at lower costs. As more and more consumers are able to fake Tiffany jewelry collections to buy. Facsimiles will definitely look the viewer by surprise, because there is hardly any difference can be made from the imitation of the original. However, buyers beware not to buy replica jewelry such material at a higher price only to find out that it is fake.go to for more detailed information.

The jewelry industry is flooded with innumerable brands designer labels are sure they want to collect for most people. In such circumstances, Fake Tiffany jewelry comes to the rescue of consumers who want the most similar design to get it at a much lower price than the original.

Gold Prices Today


Many people say that life is one mysterious thing to have. Of course, having one good life is something that most people want, even though they know that life is full of uncertain things. You probably think the same idea as well. You appreciate your life and everything you, although you do not know what could happen later in the future. This is the reason why you need a thing called preparation to face the future. For example, you can try to find out the gold prices today, so when you want to make an investment, you are ready to grab the opportunity. Usually, the gold price today affects the whole marketing system.

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Don’t Sell Your Gold – Buy Gold!


I know what you’re thinking and you’re right, “I should sell all my junk gold for cash“… but think about it for a second and please continue to read the rest of this post – give me 37 seconds to change your mind.Dig into your common sense intelligence and ask yourself WHY are there so many places popping up that want to BUY your gold? They make it seem like your broken, unwanted, gold jewelry is nothing but junk and you are better off have some cash in your hand, right? NO! …that is the hook!

Even well-known and reputable jewelry buyers are going into the “we buy gold” business. Why? Because it’s lucrative.For THEM! They know full well that the price of gold will only INCREASE. Yes, they are hoarding all this “junk” gold and investing it and even trading it on the market. Good for them, but no so good for you because you could be missing out on the best investment opportunity of the century. Some companies are being downright misleading and a borderline we buy gold scam boundary is sometimes crossed.

Does not matter if you only have a few hundred or a few thousand dollars’ worth of gold in your possession, you CAN make it work for YOU instead of someone else. You can easily start a Gold IRA with just a few thousand. *There are forms to your right and below* on how to obtain a free gold investment kit, all the information about investing your gold is provided to you free of charge, so just do it.

If you are apprehensive, I don’t blame you. Look at this gold spot price chart and just check it every day for a week or 2 and see what happens. You will find that the price of gold goes up and down, but not by much – a few dollars to 10 dollars at a time. The point is that the average price of GLD goes UP and continues to go UP and has continued to go UP for over 100 years.for more information visit the original post.

The temptation of cashing in for a measly couple of hundred or even couple thousand is there, I know. Tough times we all live in —- think how those tough times came about? It was not your fault was it? NO. You are a hard working citizen that is getting hammered by bad decisions by the people we put in office and PAY with our tax dollars.


NO matter if you are the verge of poverty or well off financially. The power of having gold in your possession is priceless, literally. Take a look at this video with actor Alan Thicke explaining a few key points on gold investing, it’s pretty good.

Don’t let those bozos with cheap commercials on TV hoard all your gold for pocket change, not worth it to you my friend.